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How Can I Get Through This? No-cost pregnancy services in Sioux City, IA

Life can be hard and can leave us feeling beat up. We all know this and have experienced it at some point in our lives.

It seems the more beat up we feel the more we feel like we are failing. It is easy to find ourselves exhausted, weary of the battle and feeling like we are at the end of the proverbial rope. As we struggle to take the next step forward we are told the message repeatedly that we need to try harder, work harder, be tougher, be more.

The narrative around us, of pushing harder, does little service to our worn-out hearts that don’t seem to ever measure up. The harder we try to be tough, work harder, and grit our teeth to push through, the more we realize that we are no further ahead, if anything we are further behind as our determination to work and try harder simply reveals the truth that we are broken. Our inability to change leaves us feeling like we are caught in a cycle that will never end.


-What if the message to our weary hearts isn’t to try more but to embrace a mindset of gentleness with ourselves.

-What if we had a mindset of compassion for ourselves and see the mercy that is offered to us by us being gentle and kind to our souls.

-What if we look at the events of our lives that have left our parts in a state of desperation and say to those parts, “I see you and I see the brokenness that is there.”

-What if we don’t judge the brokenness but recognize the brokenness.

-What if we allow the broken voice to be heard so we can bring that part of ourselves into a place of understanding talking with compassion to the hurt.

Recognizing the hurt and brokenness doesn’t heal the hurt or put us back together, but it gives us a space to label our hurt. Giving our hurt a name allows us to begin to deal with the issues of our hearts. This is a starting point, but for us to experience true healing from hurt and brokenness we need Jesus. Jesus tells us, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Jesus doesn’t tell us to work harder or try harder but to come to him and as he gives mercy to us we can give mercy to ourselves.

Her Health wants to be a place that helps you deal with the circumstances of your life in a gentle and safe space. A place that helps you know you are seen and valued and your brokenness isn’t judged, but you are loved. If we can help you with a situation or past struggle you might be facing, like an unexpected pregnancy, parenting concerns or healing from a previous abortion, please contact us.

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