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Education for Students

Healthy Relationships Education

The need to connect, feel affirmed, be valued and respected is a natural part of the human experience. Yet, many young people have not learned a healthy way to fulfill this need. They are bombarded with confusing messages through online activity and dysfunctional relationships about how healthy relationships work.


The consequences of this confusion are obvious in the exponential growth of unplanned pregnancies, STD’s, teen suicide, dating abuse, and our students being exploited and trafficked online.


Our Educator helps equip and educate students in schools all over Siouxland to guide them in making wise relationship choices for their online and in-person relationships. ESTEEM, an interactive curriculum, is used to help students make wise relationship choices. This curriculum meets the requirements of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Sex Education for schools. Topics include:

  • Understanding our basic needs/Setting Boundaries

  • Effective Communication

  • Learning about yourself and others

  • Friendship, dating and love

  • Online Safety, grooming, sexting/sextortion

  • Trafficking awareness

  • How culture influences choices


Contact us for more information or to schedule an educator to join your school or join in empowering students.

BELoved Girls Night Out 2023

We're partnering with Sunnybrook Community Church's Middle School Ministry to host a fun-filled evening for all middle school girls in Siouxland. Join us Friday, March 3rd from 5-9:00 PM for fun, food, crafts, games, swag and more!

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